International Summer School

Materials for Industry

18-22 September 2017

Brescia - Italy

Aims and Scope

The International Summer School will be focused on the applicative aspects of the field of materials, with particular attention to the standards required for the development of technologies and 3D printing, proposing lectures both in the context of polymeric and metallic materials. The School will be introduced by discussing the need for the development of appropriate standards to ensure the security and reliability of the technology. The courses will involve different disciplines dealing with materials from the point of view of synthesis, characterization, and industrial enhancement.

The use of databases for material evaluation will be further explored from the point of view of environmental sustainability and materials-based technologies. In particular, the courses will also include a practical session that will allow students to interface with the major materials databases. The topics related to the multivariate analysis of experimental data will be also embraced by treating the central concepts of chemometry.

The International Summer School is promoted by the Ph.D course of the University of Brescia "Doctoral Research in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering". The aim of the PhD course is to train young researchers and professionals with the necessary and sufficient knowledge, skills, experience, independence and leadership that will enable them to assume responsibilities in technological, research, innovation, development, design, production, and logistic assignments in the industrial sectors.

The International Summer School is supported by the University of Brescia and completely free of charge for the interested students.

The School will be held in Brescia, a city rich of history, culture and art that students willexperience during the social event “Discovering Brescia” and the theatre performance “Maria Sklodowska: the Chemistry of the Invisible”.