The International Summer School on Materials for Industry will be held in

Brescia, Italy, from September 18 to 22, 2017.


• Development of standards (with case studies)

• 3D printing of polymers and metals

• Synthesis, characterization and industrial exploitation of materials (polymers and metals)

• Material databases (CES, Total Materia)

• Chemometrics

• European funds distribution for materials

The program will include frontal lectures given by the School Coordinators and Guest Speakers. Practical training sessions are also organized during the School.

The School will be introduced by discussing the need of the development of appropriate standards to ensure the security and reliability of the technology. The courses will involve different disciplines dealing with materials from the point of view of synthesis, characterization, and industrial enhancement. The use of databases for material evaluation will be further explored from the point of view of environmental sustainability and materials-based technologies. In particular, the courses will also include a practical session that will allow students to interface with the major materials databases. The topics related to the multivariate analysis of experimental data will be also embraced by treating the central concepts of chemometrics.

Day by day different themes will be addressed through the broad field of the materials for industry:

Day 1 - From research to standards

Day 2 - Printing new materials: polymers

Day 3 - Printing new materials: metals

Day 4 - Materials Discovery

Day 5 - Materials Storytelling

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High-profiled international speakers:

• Dr. Toshiyuki Fujimoto, National Metrology Institute, Japan

• Prof. Laura E.Depero, University of Brescia, Italy

• Dr. David Reid, ISO Central Secretariat, Switzerland

• Dr. Antonio Fiorentino, University of Brescia, Italy

• Dr. Leonardo Castellani, Versalis Spa, Italy

• Dr. Andrea Castiglioni, Versalis Spa, Italy

• Dr. Prof. Dr.-Eng. Joaquim de Ciurana Gay, University of Girona, Spain

• Prof. Dr.-Eng. Michael Modigell, German University of Technology, Oman

• Dr.-Eng. Riccardo Casati, PoliMI, Italy

• Prof. Riccardo Leardi, University of Genova, Italy

• Prof. Elza Bontempi, University of Brescia, Italy

• Prof. Nicola Saccani, University of Brescia, Italy

• Dr. Claes Fredriksson, Granta Design, Cambridge, UK

• Dr. Maurizio Bettinelli, UNICHIM, Milano, Italy

• Eng. Mariagrazia Vottari, Key to Metals AG, Switzerland

Please note!

The International Summer School will take place on 18th September at the "Centro Pastorale PaoloVI" Conference Center, from 19th to 21st September at the University of Brescia, and on 22nd September at the Mo.Ca, Brescia.